Tuesday, 27 October 2009

new romanticism

my dissertation and final major project plan.
starting with lolita fashion, cosplay(rising from 80's).
it is fundamentaly inspired by Rococo, Victorian age. Big example, Marie Antoinette. 

I went to clubbing for my friend's birthday and theme was about vampire, punk, 80's, new romanticism.
it was in 80's era, people sort of dress up like Rococo, Victorian style.... lacy, silk, extravagant style. 

new romanticism is sort of popular fashion style today!

so... I thought i could relate all in together.
                                                                  New romantic images

                                                                       street shots in Paris

                                                                       fashion show

Monday, 26 October 2009

MCM expo 2009(convention) part II

super kawaiiiiiiiiii<3                             Gaara and me at our flat elevator

                                   i bought that black cat's hat at the convention.<3

she gave me orange!

power rangerrr!                                  Anthy from Revolutionary girl Utena

lolita lovers 

Sunday, 25 October 2009

MCM expo 2009(convention) part I

i looooove the outfits!

gaara vs deidara                                        me and my gaara<3 


Storm troopers from Star Wars!

waaaaooooo!!! it must cost a lot to collect whole outfit!

Sasori, Gaara, Kankuro, Temari <3 all of my fav. characters from Naruto<3

Anime/comic/movie/game convention was really good! I bought my cat, played PS3, X-box, PSP games, took pictures with people and got to know few of them :) it was shame that I missed the show and after party though.. :S  I thought it was geeky and weird when I was little but i think it is amazing to dress up as who you want to be and find people to share the common interest. 
Most people seemed like they were having great time and everyone was really friendly :)

Leith Clark

i went to the convention this weekend :)
it was soooooooooooo good <3 i loved the fact that most ppl did cosplay.
i will upload pics, till then let me put images of Leith Clark, the stylist and editor in chief of Lula magazine. 
Lula magazine is where I want to work in future...>< its girly, dreamy, fashionable.......:)
im so glad that Leith created such an amazing magazine. its sooo perfect
I like Leith outfit in these images. I especially am in love with the baby blue dress. awwww

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

girly girly girly

inspirational images <3 
I love girly theme. using soft lights, pastels, washed-away colors.
want to produce these kind of images for my final major project :D
i should explore and experiment with cameras and lighting system more.

Monday, 19 October 2009

first post

It is always hard to write first post :( Don't really know what to write... :S I guess I will get used to it eventually.:P

Well Mark's class was helpful. We sort of discuss about the preparation of portfolio and reflective  journal. So here I am starting a blog. I've always wanted to have my own blog to express personal thing and display my work but I was just being so lazy to do it. This must be an opportunity to let world to know who I am.
mmm... wish I could put heart mark front :( 

sign... It has been quiet busy these days :O I am in final year so I got tons of work like major project, dissertation, researching, reflective essays, photo shoots.... :S I am thinking to do princessy fashion like lolita fashion style(look at right side image :O).... something like Japanese subculture and relationship between Japanese and Western culture. 
I haven't even done with my portfolio sites and haven't contact with many people for future work. I wish I wasn't that lazy for past 2years, geez. 
 this week, I am going to comic, movie, anime convention on this weekend. Yes, super geek paradise. I can't wait to see people cosplay-ing! I am dressing as Lolita :D oh, I gotta get costume for Halloween as well..... hmm.

Btw, this blog site is quiet good :) I got cup cake back ground and I loooooooove my blog! so cute <3 
if you want to get various front, here is the site;

its goooooooooddddd :D