Tuesday, 9 March 2010

ALice in Wonderland movie 2010

eek! im sorry for not updating my blog for long. have been dead busy with dissertation....:<

I watch the movie last sat.day with my Alice outfit :D 
I've been always fun of Tim Burton. His movies are always creative and very very dreamy... i mean when I watch his movies, i feel like im far from reality and wish floating on the air. 

The movie was related to my dissertation. It was interesting to see how Victorian time was up tight society and Alice grew up, became responsible and found the answer of who she is and what she want to do with her life. Alice was even mature then an old lady who was dreaming of the prince marrying her, and Alice told her off that there isn't such thing like perfect prince and she need to go to see someone....lol 

i dont think i should talk about details of the story more just in case for people who has not watch the movie. 
ohoh..... i LOVED the hair of red queen. I think i will go for the color of her hair!

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