Sunday, 31 January 2010

Birds of a Fether by Erin Fetherston

inspirational videos.... im a fan of her advert videos!


amazing collection of


doll house

i've been doing visual research again... and more...

big inspirational video of the American designer, ERIN FETHERSTON

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

piano room for my shoot

I seriously need to find piano room with big windows for my photo shoot. 
I've sent mails to music universities but I got negative responds...:<
the respond from Royal Academy of Music was.....

''Dear Misato,

Thank you for your email which was forwarded to me.

I’m afraid that the Academy does not really offer facilities for photoshoots other than for our own internal requirements.  We tend to hire facilities for musical activity, for which they are best suited, when we are not busy with our own teaching, rehearsals and concerts.

I’m sorry that we are unable to help out here at the Academy, but I do hope you manage to find a suitable location.''

Does anyone know piano room or any connection??? :< :<

Thursday, 21 January 2010

tutorial with emmanuelle III

im really depressed about my work now. 
I just had a tutorial with Emmanuelle and I couldn't say what I want and she probably thinks that I am not really considering my dissertation. I thought I was focusing on my theme and making sense.... I worked hardddd during christmas as I read books and articles over and over again and read my own literature review over and overrrrrr to correct any grammar mistakes and to make better English sentence...... Seems like my works are floating in pieces and they don't get along. I am feeling bad the fact that Emmanulle is worrying about me... ;(
She is going to arrange tutorial next week and till then, I gotta collect more visual images of Lolita/Japanese girls.    
I better move on rather than getting depressed. there isn't time for that now... ;<

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Ray Ceaser

I was scanning through people's blogs. Different people has different colors, text, and looks of different personal sites  and expresses what kind of personality they have.  I found really inspirational art work from somone's blog. By Ray Ceasar's work, i thought his works are both creepy and fantasy. It reminds me of soft child pornography as some images are little sexual. It is so twisted and i am very fascinated by his work.

LCF provides photoshoot locations

didn't know about it!

''London College of Fashion offers a number of locations available to hire across many of its sites in both central London and the east end.
The costs of filming/photography varies depending upon length and requirements of shoot.
London College of Fashion's central London location provides views over the capital and an exciting backdrop for location shoots with a spectacular bird's eye view of Oxford Street from the first floor balconies and sixth floor roof terrace.''

Monday, 18 January 2010

Alice in Wonderland by Annie Leibovitz

Alice in wonderland, fantasy story cinematic photography by Annie Leibovitz  for Vogue 2003 dec issue. 
I don't really like some postures but background is great, very fairly and similar to what I want to accomplish for my shoot. 

Sunday, 17 January 2010

ALice in Wonderland

I saw the trailer in Tokyo and thought it is what i was more than what i expected. I always loved Tim Burton's movie but I personally think I would Fell in love for it. 
My dissertation/final major project really reflects Alice in Wonderland and I really think the movie will astonish me and give me fresh ideas for my project! 
talking about my dissertation, I've read little information on Alice in Wonderland from Picturing Childhood book, it basically says Alice in Wonderland is girls' adventure and reflects girlhood corruption and prostitution............ ;/
wonder if movie contains any connected meaning of that part........ 


Friday, 15 January 2010


 h.naoto's advert

dissertation proposal

I have not particularly concluded the title for my dissertation. However, I would like to write about the comparison between Goth/Lolita girls and Lula magazine, their particular original girly style and relation of paedophilia.  

   Goth/Lolita is named after a Japanese woman's subculture. It is known for adopting European Rococo/Baroque and Goth fashion to recreate their original girly style. It is different from Vladimir Nabokov's novel Lolita. There are a considerable amount of attraction from paedophilia consumers gain high access of child pornography for these girls. But Goth/Lolita girls insist that their style is primarily to express an innocent child and princess.
    Lula magazine keeps the cultural history of fashion, as models wear vintage clothes and it does not focus on today's trend fashion. In addition, Lula magazine is known for delivering the images of girl's dream and purity. However, the magazine contains slight flirty images of adolescent looking models. 

    I thought I could compare it to Lula magazine as I found a similarity between these two. Both of them revive culture/history, consider the women's social status and characteristics, and express their original style as more than just a fashion, but gives an opportunity to think about the roots of fashion.

    My tutor, Emmanuelle suggested me to read Death of Author by Barthes, and Power of Image by Richard Dyer to develop my idea. They are basically about we believe what we have seen and our reaction creates what we call ''reality'', ''sexuality'', ''individuality'' and ''common sense''. I thought it would be good to introduce the context from these books to consider the questions such as, why girls like to transform themselves to be princesses? Why adolescent girls become particularly sexualized objects and whether they appear innocent, or convey flirtatious attitudes.
    I am not sure where my dissertation is leading exactly. But I would love to focus on the original fashion style, sensation of adopting and wearing classical outfits, adolescent girls and the   paradoxical relationship between innocence and flirtatiousness.

back to London

im finally back to London :D
it's great to meet friends and ofcourse bf ;D !
but it's really upsetting to leave Tokyo especially when I saw my mom was crying at the airport.
It's like a heart break to see parents crying for you....
don't worry dad, mom, I will TRY to work harder and behave....... ( :P)

Japanese media really influenced me this winter holiday.
I start liking skirt and become obsessed with cute ness and Dolly style. ><

here is Japanese singer called Nishino Kana.
I love what she is wearing (black flowery vintage dress) in her music videooooooo.