Friday, 15 January 2010

dissertation proposal

I have not particularly concluded the title for my dissertation. However, I would like to write about the comparison between Goth/Lolita girls and Lula magazine, their particular original girly style and relation of paedophilia.  

   Goth/Lolita is named after a Japanese woman's subculture. It is known for adopting European Rococo/Baroque and Goth fashion to recreate their original girly style. It is different from Vladimir Nabokov's novel Lolita. There are a considerable amount of attraction from paedophilia consumers gain high access of child pornography for these girls. But Goth/Lolita girls insist that their style is primarily to express an innocent child and princess.
    Lula magazine keeps the cultural history of fashion, as models wear vintage clothes and it does not focus on today's trend fashion. In addition, Lula magazine is known for delivering the images of girl's dream and purity. However, the magazine contains slight flirty images of adolescent looking models. 

    I thought I could compare it to Lula magazine as I found a similarity between these two. Both of them revive culture/history, consider the women's social status and characteristics, and express their original style as more than just a fashion, but gives an opportunity to think about the roots of fashion.

    My tutor, Emmanuelle suggested me to read Death of Author by Barthes, and Power of Image by Richard Dyer to develop my idea. They are basically about we believe what we have seen and our reaction creates what we call ''reality'', ''sexuality'', ''individuality'' and ''common sense''. I thought it would be good to introduce the context from these books to consider the questions such as, why girls like to transform themselves to be princesses? Why adolescent girls become particularly sexualized objects and whether they appear innocent, or convey flirtatious attitudes.
    I am not sure where my dissertation is leading exactly. But I would love to focus on the original fashion style, sensation of adopting and wearing classical outfits, adolescent girls and the   paradoxical relationship between innocence and flirtatiousness.

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