Monday, 28 December 2009

questions for Lolita girls

I am going to interview and ask questions to Goth/Lolita girls.
hope I will get many resources ;D  its just... so hard to translate all questions into japanese...poooo...

1.When/how did you start dressing up as a Lolita/Goth style?

2.Who was your Prince figure during your childhood?

3.Do you still dream about this Prince?

4.What are your interest's?

5.What's your favourite Anime character?

6.What's your favourite style of music?

7.If you could be anyone/anything in the world, what would you want to be?

8.Who's your favourite celebrity?

9.What influence's you to dress like a Princess?

10.Name 3 of your favourite films?

11.If you can change any part of your body, what would it be and why?

12.If you have a choice to live in any country, what country would it be?

13.How would you describe your childhood?

14.Which girlie childhood characters did you grow up with? (i.e. hello kitty, kiki lala..)

15.How would your friends describe you?

16.Do you like Dolls? If so, what kind of Dolls do you like?

17.Have you watched an Anime called 'Revolutionary Girl Utena'? If so, what did you think of it?

18.Have you heard of 'Lolita Fashion (Japanese princess style)'? If so, how did you learn of it?

19.Do you know/like 'Lula' magazine? If so, please tell me the reason why you like Lula magazine?

20.Are there any other fashion magazines that influence your princess style?

comic caffe

I am at Japanese manga kissa-comic caffe. It is a caffe with internet, games, comics, magazines and dvd. There are few ways for payment like hourly, or till 6hours, etc...(you can get free drinks and order food too!). There are public seats to private seats and also for couple seats. The place is open ed for 24-7 and sells tooth brush, contact lense cleaner, face wash and so on. Yes, some places even have a shower, how odd....

This place has been my favorite place since I was young. I don't use for staying over night but I go there often to use internet and read my favorite comics. When I was young, I used had over 100 comics but it is quiet expensive to afford all the series. For example, one comic approximately cost 3pounds, so if I want to read Naruto series(total 46comics), I have to pay 139pounds?! However, when I go to comic caffe, I only need to pay 3pounds per hour or cheaper.

This place is like heaven for nerds!!!

UK should built such a caffe like all the UK geeks including me would be more than happy.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

japanese girls

the only annoying thing living in Japan is I don't have internet access in my grandma's house.T_T

I have to go to manga kissa (internet/magazine/comic cafe) use internet. :<

It's really obvious and big in Japan how everyone is obsessed with ''kawai'' and ''koakuma'', cuteness and cute-kinky style. Most girls have light brown/blonde, dolly hair with dolly make up and wears dolly clothes...!And most males like girls like them. It became stereotype and everyone look similar to each other.

I don't know why I was paying attention to this but most girls wear mini skirt rather than trousers in this country. Some girls even wears suspender and gaata, and showing them through mini skirt.

I don't know what I am trying to say but that was my primary observation in Tokyo so far....

Btw, I had a flu vaccination at hospital today...painful....T_T

Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Im in Tokyo now. Feel a bit weird to be honst.
My cousin came over today when I was about to go out with my dad to get new laggage and she said I look old and transvestile....because I was wearing a vintage clothes and put red lip stick...really nice comment from her. ;S nobody in here wears red lipstick so I felt a bit uncomfortable but I guess i shouldn:t be care about what people says. heh!

anyway, I forgot to write about Emmanuelle`s tuotiral last week. I was really confused with my dissertaion.... but after the discussion with her, I think im going to focus on
*childhood between western and japanese.
*japanese lolita girls(like streotype, visual language, body presentation,)
*old feminism idea(like what women should behave.....what is women`s stereotype figure around Rococo era...)

It`s really hard to borrow book....I bet many people are having the same problem as well.
it got many useful academic resources;) best of luck there.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

bubble trip

japanese people are obsessed with European looks. Nowadays, I see lots of mix raced models, singers, actresses in Japan. Anna Tsuchiya is one of the super famous mix-raced celebrity in Japan. Especially goth/lolita girls love her. She does lots of cover shots of Kera! magazine (punk-Lolita fashion magazine). 
here is one of her music video.

Friday, 11 December 2009

my test shoot-eddit version

it has nothing to do with my test shoot images but...I was watching the latest series of Naruto and I am so upset that one of my fav. character died...:< Itachi died...! :<

Thursday, 10 December 2009

tutorial with kelly II

I did most tasks she asked from our previous tutorial :)

*I am not using polariod camera anymore as I can't afford filmsssss :<
*she said Im fine with styling issue(got few mood boards)
*I have to do test shoots with my friends for location/posing (see if cemetery and studio looks together)
*draw story line images

my apology if you didn't understand what I mean....I am super busy to check grammar or whatsoever....TT im tiredddd...need na nap nap...


I had couple of test shoot before but don't really dare to put them... my lighting system was baaaadddddd....TT
well i had test shoot on tuesday. testing lighting system. my stylist got this amazing clothes from designer(from london fashion week) and we put that women's clothes on male model.
they look gorgeous. :) and im happy with lighting system :))))))))) thanks Doh for tips!
nikon D90
white back ground/hard light/main soft box light

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Vaio NW!!

I got new Vaio NW yesterday!!! ><
my old laptop is...3yrs old and cost only £400 so it didn't last long. its a bit shitty now... :S

I looooove my new laptop!>< its red and really silky and smoothe :D :D :D sexyyyyyyyyy :)))))))
its fast to work and I got free window7 upgraded. happy happy :)

but my finger was shaking when I was putting pin code for payment.
my room is really really messy atm.... it's showing how im working hard on this project....:P

christmas is coming soonnn :)

I went to Christmas shopping today :)
presents for people and of course for myself too hehe. 
i should be studying but i need a little break from it today. so here i am wrapping presents all night. im going to be in Tokyo for Christmas. my family doesn't really celebrate Christmas and I haven't spend Christmas with my family for 3years so I better do something to be memorial for this year. 

Saturday, 5 December 2009

meeting with stylist part lll

Stylist, Irena and I went to fancy shop together today. We made an appointment with manager so we were able to look through accessories, dresses and shoes to borrow for our photo shoot. It was great, lots of victorian styles. But we had a problem....:S the manager mentioned about whole outfit cost £94 for a week. well we got many things that we want to borrow them and obviously we can't afford them so we had a little chat with manager and we decided to contact with PR manager(he controls these money stuff....), trying to negotiate with him for free after new year. 

im sorry if I am not making any sense right now. I am watching movie, ''Orphan'' and writing at the same time. It is really interesting and fuc*ed up movie though. It actually reminded me of my dissertation little bit. The girl got disorder(forgot the name but...its mainly dwarf disease...her body doesn't grow up) and she wears Victorian child clothes, almost like a doll. Probably good to discuss about it with Emmajuelle. 

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Peckam cemetery for Location shoot

I went to Nun head cemetery last for my photo shoot location. 
It was creepy but really really beautiful and perfect for my photo shoot! 
its just.. a bit messy and wet road......

ps. few people told me that they can't leave msg to my blog, well I fixed it now so please leave me comment :)