Saturday, 5 December 2009

meeting with stylist part lll

Stylist, Irena and I went to fancy shop together today. We made an appointment with manager so we were able to look through accessories, dresses and shoes to borrow for our photo shoot. It was great, lots of victorian styles. But we had a problem....:S the manager mentioned about whole outfit cost £94 for a week. well we got many things that we want to borrow them and obviously we can't afford them so we had a little chat with manager and we decided to contact with PR manager(he controls these money stuff....), trying to negotiate with him for free after new year. 

im sorry if I am not making any sense right now. I am watching movie, ''Orphan'' and writing at the same time. It is really interesting and fuc*ed up movie though. It actually reminded me of my dissertation little bit. The girl got disorder(forgot the name but...its mainly dwarf disease...her body doesn't grow up) and she wears Victorian child clothes, almost like a doll. Probably good to discuss about it with Emmajuelle. 


  1. "im sorry if I am not making any sense right now."

    dude, you never make any sense, let alone now!


    sounds like yu're making good progress.

    but can i ask, why are you always going out with stylist to get stuff?

    is it not easier to tell them what you want, and let them do it?

    maybe i am wrong, cos i am not experienced with stylists in the slightest.

    p.s. nice one for fixing your comment form - i can post fine now.

  2. LOL thanks duuudeee . oh oh here is the site btw.sorry i totally already might know this though. my stylist got contact from some student designers from that site.

    well i don't need to go with her all the time. its just i also want to be a stylist too so thought it would be good to hang out with her. learn things from her and have fun :) if u need some styling, maybe I could help some :)

    ps hey you are the one who doesnt makes sense most of the time!