Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Im in Tokyo now. Feel a bit weird to be honst.
My cousin came over today when I was about to go out with my dad to get new laggage and she said I look old and transvestile....because I was wearing a vintage clothes and put red lip stick...really nice comment from her. ;S nobody in here wears red lipstick so I felt a bit uncomfortable but I guess i shouldn:t be care about what people says. heh!

anyway, I forgot to write about Emmanuelle`s tuotiral last week. I was really confused with my dissertaion.... but after the discussion with her, I think im going to focus on
*childhood between western and japanese.
*japanese lolita girls(like streotype, visual language, body presentation,)
*old feminism idea(like what women should behave.....what is women`s stereotype figure around Rococo era...)

It`s really hard to borrow book....I bet many people are having the same problem as well.
try JStor.com
it got many useful academic resources;) best of luck there.

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