Saturday, 12 December 2009

bubble trip

japanese people are obsessed with European looks. Nowadays, I see lots of mix raced models, singers, actresses in Japan. Anna Tsuchiya is one of the super famous mix-raced celebrity in Japan. Especially goth/lolita girls love her. She does lots of cover shots of Kera! magazine (punk-Lolita fashion magazine). 
here is one of her music video.


  1. is she singing in japanese as well? i can't understand everything she's saying :s

  2. yes lol mixing japanese and english.
    my bf always find it funny like random english words in song. :S

  3. i know! the english lyrics are awful but i wonder what she's saying in japanese!

  4. haha lyrics awful.. lol its just funny that how Japanese media is desparate to be american or western.