Friday, 28 May 2010

a walk to remember

  May 28th, 3am... here I am watching 'A Walk to Remember', wiping my tears and boogers. 
It is a love film came out in 2002, the story is basically about an innocent girl and school star/bad guy falls in love but he finds out that the girl has a cancer and won't live too long, bla bla bla...... it's like stereotype classic love film and story built up really slowly. Many people find it as a boring film but it has been my favorite all life time and I think I have watch it for more than 10times.
  I really like it because it reminds me of first love like how juvenile I was and give me a hope to believe in a true love. I can't tell the detail of what the boy did to his girl friend but what he did all was to make her happy without any expectation. I personally think you do more stuff like that when you are in teenager/younger. Like its almost silly things when you get mature as you know what you are doing and you can't just do whatever your heart says as you realize that you gotta behave, think before you do, scared of regret, and all this adult' shit.  
  ah... I am not being nostalgic but I remember how I felt when I had a crush, it was like your heart was beating way too much that you started to panic that you thought everybody could hear it whenever he passed by. oh also I used to write little ambitions in note everyday like 'I gotta say hi to him today', or 'Make him remember my name', 'ask him what his favorite color is' mini-stalking lol  

 And when you start dating, you start thinking when will he kiss you. I was thinking about it when I went to a cinema date. Couldn't participate on the film or whatsoever! oh oh... how can I describe this? you feel like butterflies are keep growing and flying around in your tummy when you see him more? 

ahhh I am going to stop writing now. its 3:30am and I need to sleep!  

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