Thursday, 13 September 2012

Skir's launch event at LAYERS

Today was my friend Skir's launch and shopping event today. It's her first launch in the shop, she must be really happy! Jun and I went there for a support. The shop was well decorated and saw her jewelleries were in the center of the shop looking beautiful. I brought my camera this time as I regretted so bad that I didn't bring my camera to Mihara Yasuhiro'c collection launch event at Browns last week. Missed massive opportunity to take photos of amazing collections, Mr. Mihara and my lifetime star, Miyavi..... 
Me in my flat's lift. I don't look dressed up but I am wearing Acne dress. lol

 Skir's Jewelleries

Raining so hard so Jun and I were stuck in Canarby st. 

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