Tuesday, 16 October 2012

New hair by Lizzie Love ♥

I thought I never gonna do gradation on my hair as everyone has been doing it recently and I had a silly thought ''gradation was so 4yrs a go'. But I actually loved how my hair turned up with dark brown/rosey colours by Lizzie! I went to Trevor Sorbie in Covent Garden (really nice, relaxing place! I felt I was a bit posh to go there, haha) for Lizzie's hair model. I was really flattered that she asked me to do this because I know she is really talented and have a strong passion about what she does. I enjoyed chatting with her and was really relaxed that I fell in a sleep while she was washing my hair. 
I will come back for next hair dye! Lizzie really made me happy!!
Enough with chatting. Here are some photos. 

 Me and Lizzie

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