Monday, 19 October 2009

first post

It is always hard to write first post :( Don't really know what to write... :S I guess I will get used to it eventually.:P

Well Mark's class was helpful. We sort of discuss about the preparation of portfolio and reflective  journal. So here I am starting a blog. I've always wanted to have my own blog to express personal thing and display my work but I was just being so lazy to do it. This must be an opportunity to let world to know who I am.
mmm... wish I could put heart mark front :( 

sign... It has been quiet busy these days :O I am in final year so I got tons of work like major project, dissertation, researching, reflective essays, photo shoots.... :S I am thinking to do princessy fashion like lolita fashion style(look at right side image :O).... something like Japanese subculture and relationship between Japanese and Western culture. 
I haven't even done with my portfolio sites and haven't contact with many people for future work. I wish I wasn't that lazy for past 2years, geez. 
 this week, I am going to comic, movie, anime convention on this weekend. Yes, super geek paradise. I can't wait to see people cosplay-ing! I am dressing as Lolita :D oh, I gotta get costume for Halloween as well..... hmm.

Btw, this blog site is quiet good :) I got cup cake back ground and I loooooooove my blog! so cute <3 
if you want to get various front, here is the site;

its goooooooooddddd :D

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