Tuesday, 28 September 2010

my best friend

My best friend's name is Yu-ka. We have known each other for around 15years and it's awesome to have someone who can share and get along with for life long. Yes, we had many bitter times and arguments but we got closer after all these shit and it made us best friend today :) Now, she is working as Radio DJ and other entertainment and I am glad that her dream came true. 
I am def.ly not a morning person but I do wake up early to listen to her radio station on every tues/wed days which is pretty entertaining and fun to listen to :) this girl never bored people! 
She is such an inspirational person to me as she is very pretty, slim, righteous, funny and caring person, and she is always chasing up her dream. She is the person I want to look up to :)

anw, here is her website and it's worth it to visit and have a look :) 

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