Wednesday, 10 November 2010

shopping day

Today's entry will be personal and Imma talk about my shopping day. 

I was really upset that I lost my phone and favorite 7rings those I wear everyday last month..... so I have decided to make myself happy with clothes. 
I've got few items from Urban outfitters n Topshop but I will display those images on other time. But I got images what I was trying on in changing room so I'd like to display them. I loved the dark cherry red  and grey knit wears those I tried on. The dark cherry knit goes good with the outfit I was wearing today but I didn't have a black long dress to match the grey knit wear.. but I totally can imagine it would goes well with black goth dress, black wedge boots (with lace) and spiky stud head piece. Oh, and don't forget the big wooden cross neckless.  
..right better stop before I go for a long entry. 


  1. the cherry red cardigan is LUSH!!!
    did u get it???

    and how come u lost ur rings as well??! >___< suckss innit...

  2. nope i didn't get it. im still thinking about it. it's gorgeous but not warm enough for winter :(
    its fucking windy in london. :T

    i lost my rings in diner lol