Saturday, 6 February 2010

each words for each photos

So I was kept thinking about the ''meaning'' of the images for my major project. 
I have plan for locations, clothes and lots of inspirations but I didn't seem to think about the story of my images. 
Like why did I choose Nunhead cemetery for locations?, why do I want Piano for my shoot?, etc etc.....
Then I started to get worried about what if 15 images didn't connect to each other? what if people didn't see the way I see in my images? what if all of my images didn't make any sense???
........ real harddd......

I watched ''Adolescent girl Utena'' over and over to regain the inspiration of the anime. I found that Utena got lots of meaningful theme behind the story and I thought it would be good to collect the words from the anime and  express each words by 15 images for my major project. I think that makes meaning story! :D 


...2more words left and I am still finding the perfect fit words :< 
be continued....

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