Monday, 15 February 2010

pedophelia booms in japan

My dissertation has connection with pedophilia/adolescent girls so I was researching through internet and found shocking news about japanese society today.
it made me furious and im quiet astonished about what I watched. 
I do understand the mysterious aura of adolescent girls have and I agree that you can get inspirational and emotional effect images of these girls but its just...objecting girls just as a sexual view and abusing way is too much :(


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  2. ah, that must be a weird moment you had in japan.
    I personally think it's japanese manga influence and Japanese girls have a huge view of Caucasian men, don't like to put this way but honestly, western influence/looks are still affective in japan. I'm done with my dissertation and pedo topic wasn't just one of minor parts in my i didn't really grow up in japan so i might not be that helpful if you are studying or researching it. sorry!
    misato x

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