Wednesday, 10 February 2010

inside my head is messed at moment

it's just haaaaAAAaard! 
i wish i could be more friendly and sociable person. 
one of the things that I've learn from fashion university is it's better to know more people and be sociable person to be successful. 
and it's like my major issue for me :S 
of course I want to be successful and make new friends but i think im actually shy to speak single words and too negative person :S I think too much every time before I speak(slow) and i'm actually blank when I meet people. 

and oh.... I watched ''forth kind''.... I really think Alien does exist and they are horrible :< 

I need play Resident Evil 5 again. havent touch PS3 for so long....


  1. I would never say ur not a sociable and nagative person. I always thought your very cool, unny and you have very strong personality. everyone sometimes feels shy and lost but that passes..especially when your with your good friends...they rmost important anyway :))

  2. thank u thank u, maria :)
    its just hard to put ur heart out when u get older. ah! but thank u maria ><!!!!