Sunday, 24 October 2010

Dolly dare collection2

Please don't think that's the only thing I do at work but... I tried some dresses on after work. :3
I think this is my fav. one. Would love to wear it on a date ;3 


  1. I loveeee this dress! the pattern looks soo lovely!
    And yes we should definitely go shopping sometime. let me know on facebook if you are ever free. :D xx

  2. thought you would love it! it will suits you perfectly! u look like a doll anw!
    aww yes pleaseee!! we haven't literally had a conversation although we have met once...shame....but can't wait for shopping! I will send my number through FB, honey :) Xx

  3. ...ah i'm starting to feel insecure....if u know what i mean lol
    pretty <3

  4. insecure for what..?! me gaining weight caz of those lovers? or are you worried about me might get fired from work..? :T

    hope you like the dress, thank you punny<3 Xx

  5. i'm feeling insecure coz u won't break up with those lovers n ur way too pretty in dresses...:< shit punny got competitors >__<

    <3 xx