Sunday, 24 October 2010

first day of work

I am so happy that I got job :-D well, it's part time job and I am only working on weekend but I think its a good start. I finally moved my lazy butt to give CV on few retailing shops this week so I was expecting me to be jobless for 2weeks but here I am, passed the interview and working, yay. 
The boutique shop, Dollydare is full of pinks and designs are REALLY girly, almost like a Lolita so I was happy to wear the collection while I was working there. I am still shit though, still shy to talk to customers and I don't know I only could talk way too less than I normally talk. I just couldn't think much in English. oh oh! and Naz, co-worker (a lovely girl who did interview and I look up her as a boss ><) was really nice and I was relief that I am not working with a mean fashionista. She is really good at engaging with customers and hope that I could learn from her and be like her :> 

Here is my 1st day of working uniform :> 


  1. Congrats on the new job!! :D
    I have a dress from Dollydare, i got it in the Topshop sale a while back for £5 lol. Its pink and glittery yay! xxx

  2. wow u fit PERFECTLY in there...just like me fit in camden LOL
    and u look pretty in this dress ;)
    me like :))

    oh plsss break up with ur fat lovers plsssss ><! i'm beggin u lol

  3. Thank you Dina <3
    £5 is a bargain!you always find something really adorable! we should go shopping together :> i think we have common likes in fashion :D. Xxx

    haha thank you :> fitting in Camden is a big compliment to yourself u know that? :) i wanna fit in there too! and ah.. I need big love and support from my fat lovers especially winter.It will take time for me to say good emotional. They also wanna me to spend ££ on them too. lol