Wednesday, 11 November 2009

baby thestarsshine bright

collection from Baby the stars shine bright.
some research for my photo shoot styling. I will have stylist for my photo shoot but I would like to develop and experiment styling clothes with him......i think i want to be a stylist.....mmm.....

the dresses are totally adorable.
the brand is internationally popular(esp in Paris and LA). you can get these items online.


  1. this reminds me of all the BTSSB adverts in my old issues of zipper! love their feature in shimotsuma monogatari too.. not sure you know already know, but victorian maiden do some pretty nice lolita stuff as well =)

  2. you did photoshoot for zipper?!
    i loved that movie, i felling in love with it after I saw the trailer. good, wasn't it?
    im so glad that you know lolita fashion too!
    thank u so much karin. Xx

  3. oh, no no! i didnt shoot for zipper.. i just have some old copies of it! lol.
    yeah, i loved shimotsuma monogatari. anna t is amazing.

    you should check out the ai yazawa mangas "gokinjo monogatari" and "paradise kiss".. then again, shes a really famous magaka in japan, so you've probably already read them! not really lolita fashion, but the fashion label, happy berry, by one of the characters is sort of lolita fashion-esque. her sister wears the label in the sequel =)

    i am such an otaku, haha.

  4. ah! you are such a star!! i know all these stuff too, dont worry im a biiig otaku. i even went to the ah im more happy that u know all these stuff too! i wasn't alone in the class :) but I didn't know one of the character from Gokinjyo wears lolita-estique! should chekc it out. thanks Karin!

    ps. Anna T is amazing. im a huge fun of her. you should watch Sakuran! she did really good job in there. X