Saturday, 28 November 2009

meeting stylist part II

I met stylist today to show our research to each other and chat chat chat :)
She brought some images and we chose the ones we liked so then she could contact the designers to borrow them for our shoot. We also planned to go to Fancy shop in Angel to talk to the owner to borrow some accessory/outfit items next week :) Again, she is very working hard and lovely person! :)

anw, my little homework for me (to stylist);
*I'm planning to approach online magazine site so find it and send the link to her
*send her my proposal to her
*scan my mood board and send
*send my personal clothes collection for photo shoot
*location images (studio, my friend's house, Peckam(?) cemetery)
*search cemetery in Old street
*ask hair stylist for wigs

..ah.... its only 1:35am and I am so so... SO...sleepy...:(

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