Wednesday, 25 November 2009

tutorial with Kelly

I had tutorial with Kelly today. I brought few of my story board but I forgot others like test shots, my research book or some photographer's images! I was so excited to see movie shot in front of my building, all these setting and crews. 
I am very clumsy. 

anyway, the tutorial was like job interview rather than just a conversation between student and teacher. I was really unprepared and there were many things I had to do it in 2weeks. 

*what kind of polaroid camera im using
*test shoots with polaroid camera
*images for location (Peckam cemetery, etc)
*what is the biggest file size in my camera
*more test shoots with degital
*take some pictures of outfit for photo shoot
*models (contact with agency)
*more vivid ideas for photo shoot (drawing, context, etc)
*printed proposal (i totally forgot to print it out, shit.......)

work hard weeks.

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