Thursday, 26 November 2009

tutorial with Emmanuelle

I just had totorial with Emmanuelle. My heart was pumping hard as I was scared of her, thinking she might gonna shout at me before the class. I was wrong. She was really nice and supportive. I told her about what happened to my previous presentation (I have to choose eighter lolita-children or princess) and she respond me like I actually could do both as long as I mentioned that Japanese Lolita fashion is different from Western's Lolita in introduction.

we discussed about;
*Japanese culture ((how little kids were brought up by girly toys and surrounding. example, Kiki Lala, Hello Kitty, some people might want to escape from Japanese strict culture(very polite, hard working etc)).
*lula magazine-one of the cover got ''Lolita'' image.
*goth/lolita fashion (the girls denied to be as a sexual object but there is fetishsm about Lolita fashion)-> read the essay ''urban Princess'' again.

*research childhood
*history etimology
*write interview questions (for Japanese lolita girls)
*research fashion

go to;
*V&A-doll fashion section...(Victor and Rolf)
*British museum
*Museum of childhood (parts of British museum in Bethn. green)

*Jstor (online article site)

*Invented Oddysees
*Guilty Pleasures
*The Rise of Fashion
*Sunone de Beavoir(?? dont know how to spell, ask her. think it was about women's gender, feminism)
*women's fashion by
*Victor and Rolf's fashion doll

email her to ask;
gender essay/irragaray

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