Thursday, 19 November 2009

meeting with stylist/make up artist for my final major project

I met my stylist and make up artist yesterday. Well i met them in different time because I never met the stylist before and I'd like to spend time individual time with her to know her better. From my previous final major presentation feed back, all the teachers seemed to like it and I got good feed back but they also told me that I better have good stylist to accomplish my goal. I already have one of my designer/stylist who is my friend and we had couple of shoots together and I, myself really like styling up the clothes.Nevertheless, thought it would be more serious and better to get 'real' stylist. Anyway, we met at Davis Street and I showed her my power point presentation. I was glad that she was interested in Japanese Culture and she knew a lot of Japanese culture so it wasn't hard for me to explain her about Gothic/Lolita cosplay. She was eager about the project and very very experienced. We both agreed to take a shoot next year and till then, plan about the outfit and confirmed to keep in touch constantly. I am so happy that I found the funny, friendly, knowledgeable and lovely stylist :) hoping to collaborate with my designer friend and her, and we all have fun <3 

I think.... to keep in touch with the team is good. I met my make up artist just to catch up with her and we had a nice coffee time at star bucks. It was good to share the personal problem and talk about what we like to shoot next time. We can share our opinion and do understand each other. I am very happy to keep that relationship with her. She was having problem like she wanted to have proper make up sites for her and we were talking about how hard to approach ourselves to clients or agency. Mark's class was really helpful as I told her to spend quality time to create blog and website. So then she can focus on her signature style more and let people know about her. 

oh oh, i watched 2012.... thought it would be same as others like Independent days or Day After Tomorrow.But it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. it makes me want call my parents right after i watch the movie.


  1. nice 1 guuuurl. glad that you are getting your team sorted.

    where did you meet your stylist/mua?

    was it modelmayhem? cos i am trying to get in touch with some, but don't want a shitty one.

    i saw 2012 at the cinema...thought it was crap!

    talk to you later jigglypuff.

  2. stylist is hard to find but u can find good MUA there. but i suggest u to do test shoot with first or choose them from their portfolio quality.
    models r from agency though.

    2012 wasnt that bad! i cried!

    ps jigglypuff sound like im so fat! like i jiggle myself when i walk. :S

  3. oki, sweet.

    is your stylist getting the clothes for you?

    or are you finding them?

    hmm...sorry for questions, i just dread finding fucking annoys me.

    i need one that can get clothes to save me work.

    did you cry when the fat, rich guy fell off the platform of the ship? cos i pissed myself laughing and got looked at funny.

    and no, jigglypuff is stuck's your new name. haha.

  4. pleaseee dont call meeee with that weird nickname! lol

    hey hey i got this sites that you can get in touch with many student designers.
    do you want it???????? hope it will help

  5. ps
    fat rich guy.... lol yea that was the best scence out of movie wasn't it? damn his kids survived!

  6. yeh, can you please text me the website with student designers?