Monday, 23 November 2009

im so confused :S

okay, I am really stuck with my dissertation. 
I prsented it a week before about my princess research. Basically I started my research with Japanese Goth/Lolita fashion, Rococo/Baruque age influence. Then relationship between loyalty and doll. Then moved to Princess Diana for modern princess fashion and.....Lula magazine as case study. I thought my research was smooth to follow but tutors said I should choose between child or princess for my essay. They also said it was also because I put Lolita fashion, my ideas were scattering to everywhere like Lolita fashion is not connecting to princess fashion. 
I read books and Japanese Lolita fashion is different from the impression of western Lolita idea and these two has nothing to do eachother (I don't even know why Japanese call these princess/doll fashion as 'Lolita' ). 
Fundamentally, I really want to write about these japanese dolly fashion. Kelly said I can't just write about it and I am very very confused now.... :( 

ah... I watched 'Lolita' as Itai suggested me to watch to understand the meaning of Lolita. The movie was about old man's desire towards a young girl and the movie actually made me unconfortable. It was a good film but I didn't think I want to write about it. 

I really will be appreciated if any of you can help me with little tips or suggestions. 

Thank youuuu.

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